Frontiers of Language and Teaching

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Published since 2010
Volume 4 (2013)


A Survey on the Techniques of Students’ Reading Assessment by English Teachers at University

Maryam Jalalifarahani and Mohammadali Ghovehnodoushan

Pages: 1-7


Professional Self-efficacy Beliefs of 4th Grade ELT Students at Ondokuz Mayıs University

Müfit Şenel

Pages: 8-13

The Impact of Iranian EFL Classroom Activities on the Development of Desired Thinking Process as Suggested by Bloom’s Taxonomy

Seyyed Jalal Alavian

Pages: 14-33

The Effect of the Three Different Dimensions of Transformative Teaching on Iranian EFL Students: A Macro Study on Transformative Teaching Methods

Esmaeil Bagheridoust and Azadeh Zarbafian

Pages: 34-44


Corpus Linguistics (CL) in the Design of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Courses

Mariana Mussetta and Andrea Vartalitis

Pages: 45-53

The Comparative Effect of Integrated, Isolated and Synonym Generation Vocabulary Instruction on EFL Learners’ Writing

Kourosh Akef and Ashraf Joze Vaziri

Pages: 54-66

Lexical-Syntactic Fields of Intensification in English and Belarusian

Taciana Tuluš-Aleksandrovič

Pages: 67-75

The Argument Structure of Verbal Derivations

Mehdi Ghaderi

Pages: 76-87

The Effects of Reading Strategy Use on the Formative and Summative Test Scores of Thai EFL University Learners

Laphatrada O’ Donnell

Pages: 88-98

Error Analysis and Spelling Mistakes of EFL Learners at Tafila Technical University: A Case Study

Jibrel Al-Saudi

Pages: 99-107

Argument Structure and Verb’s Complements in Modern Greek: Preferences of L1 and L2 Learners

Irini Kassotaki

Pages: 108-120

Metacognitive Reading Strategies Use by Yemeni EFL Undergraduate University Students

Yehia Ahmed Y. AL-Sohbani

Pages: 121-133

Learning Chinese: Evaluation of Teaching Methods and the Importance of Culture-Oriented Background in the Learning Process

Katarzyna Bańka

Pages: 134-142

The Relationship between Collaborative Learning and the Level of Anxiety in Speaking among Intermediate EFL Learners in Private Institutions in Kerman

Khadijeh Ghaffari

Pages: 143-148

Language Choice and Use of Malaysian Tamil Christian Youths: A Survey

Angela Rumina Leo and Ain Nadzimah Abdullah

Pages: 149-166

Effects of L2 Writing Revision Tasks on Common Mistake Frequencies among Third Year Burapha University Students

Richard Anthony O’Donnell

Pages: 167-172

Focalization and Focus Representations in Persian

Farnaz Fatahi, Mohammad Reza Oroji, and Shidak Rahbarian

Pages: 173-177

A Cross-Linguistic Study on Vocabulary Knowledge and Second Language Reading Comprehension Performance

Harison Mohd Sidek

Pages: 178-185

Teaching Strategies and Their Impacts on the English Proficiency of Young Malaysian Learners

Chiew Fen Ng and Poh Kiat Ng

Pages: 186-195

Identify Persian Learners’ Linguistic Deficits in Learning EFL through Spelling Error Analysis

Akbar Solati

Pages: 196-206

An Assessment of the Job Oriented English Proficiency of Potential Nurses from University College Shahputra

Jebunnesa and Abdullah bin Ibrahim

Pages: 207-210

A Contrastive Study of English and Persian Double Object Construction

Shidak Rahbarian, Mohammad Reza Oroji and Farnaz Fatahi

Pages: 211-216

A Self-Learning Material of New Immigrants in Taiwan

Wan-Chun Tang, Chien-Hui Kao, Chih-Wei Hue, Ching-Ching Lu, Yu-Hsiang Tseng, Yin-Wen Kou

Pages: 217-223

Fears and Language Learning: The Unsolved Knot

Liliana Landolfi

Pages: 224-237

INTERMAR or How to Exploit Intercomprehension in the Maritime Context


Pages: 238-242


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