Frontiers of Language and Teaching

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Subject Groups Language
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Published since 2010
Volume 3 (2012)


M-Learning: Transforming Present Education and Designing Future Education

Carmen Luján-García and Soraya García-Sánchez

Pages: 1-12

Learning Memorial as a Language Practice in Foreign Language Teacher Education

Cristiane C. de Paula Brito and Maria de Fátima F. Guilherme

Pages: 13-23

Test Anxiety in ELT Classes


Pages: 24-31

Teaching and Learning through MOOC

Revathi Viswanathan

Pages: 32-40

Teaching English Phonetics to Non-native Speakers of English: An Innovative Constructivist Paradigm

Mariam M Almihmadi

Pages: 41-48

Oral Communication Anxiety and Problems of Turkish EFL Learners at Samsun 19 Mayıs University, ELT Department

Müfit Şenel

Pages: 49-58

Integrating Learners and Learners’ Culture into Teaching Target Culture: an Action Research on Classroom Teaching

İsmail Çakir

Pages: 59-67

A Contrastive Rhetorical Analysis of Factual Texts in English and Arabic

Majidah M. Almehmadi

Pages: 68-76

Argument Structure in Modern Greek ‎‎(Di)transitive and Reciprocal Vverbs: Preferences of L1 and L2 Learners

Irini Kassotaki

Pages: 77-85

Apology Strategies of Iranian Kurdish-Persian Bilinguals: a Study of Speech Acts Regarding Gender and Education

Maryam Tafaroji Yeganeh

Pages: 86-95

Learners’ Interaction with Online Applications: Tracking Language Related Episodes in Computer-Assisted L2 Writing

Wael Hamed Alharbi

Pages: 96-107

Computer Assisted Learning: A Helpful Approach in Learning English

Azadeh Shafaei

Pages: 108-115

General Foreign Language Anxiety among EFL Learners: A Survey Study

Seyit Ahmet Capan and Harun Simsek

Pages: 116-124

Traditional Teaching Methods vs. CLT: A Study

Divya Nimit Walia

Pages: 125-131

Teaching Writing through Non-Literary Formats in the Departments of English Language and Literature

Gökşen Aras

Pages: 132-138

Designing Tasks for the Second Language Class: Is there a Role for Contextual Support and Cognitive Challenge in Second Language Learning?

Ramiaida Darmi

Pages: 139-146

Determining External and Internal Demotivating Factors among Young Learners at Pozantı Regional Primary Boarding School

Esra ERDOĞAN and Mehmet TUNAZ

Pages: 147-160

The Effects of STAD and CIRC on L2 Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Learning

Abbas Ali Zarei

Pages: 161-173

Introducing Comics in the Classroom: a Trojan Horse to Literary, Linguistic Performance and Creative Writing

Evangelia Moula

Pages: 174-182

Inevitability of Arts from Intertextuality

Mohammad KhosraviShakib

Pages: 183-189

Revisiting Foreign Language Teacher Beliefs

Zehra Gabillon

Pages: 190-203

Analyzing Vocabulary Used in Payame Noor University General English Textbook: a Corpus Linguistic Approach

Marjan Moiinvaziri

Pages: 204-212

Interference in Composition: a Study on Written Essays by Portuguese Higher Education Learners

Ana Luísa Teixeira and Isabel Fernandes Silva

Pages: 213-218

When Academic Writing and Oral Practice Come Together

Elina Chuikova

Pages: 219-227

The Effects of Application of Correction-for-Guessing Formula on the Validity of the M-C Tests of English Grammar of EFL Students

Kiumars Kimiai

Pages: 228-238

Using SCOBAs to Help Learners Develop Self-Regulation

Aurora Navajas & Àngels Ferrer

Pages: 239-247

Teacher Attitudes towards Computer Use in EFL Classrooms

Seyit Ahmet Capan

Pages: 248-254

Development of Language Stimulation Home Training Activity Manual in Hindi for Parents of Children with Hearing Impairment: A Pilot Study

Rajeev Ranjan and Arun Banik

Pages: 255-263

The Vowel Space of Pangasinan

Francisco C. Rosario, Jr.

Pages: 264-270


The Advantages of Information Technology in Teaching English Language

Svetlana Rodinadze and Kristine Zarbazoia

Pages: 271-275


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